The Number of Things


The Number of Things

The Number of Things 620 854 WCP 2024

The Number of Things

Tuesday 6 September

09:00 Meet and Greet

09:15 Michael Esfeld (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) Quantum physics and the metaphysics of objects

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Elisa Paganini (Università degli Studi di Milano, IT) Where to look for vague existence

12:15 Lunch

13:45 Christian Mariani (Institut Néel, France) Emergent quantum indeterminacy

14:45 Leonard Weiss (University of Sheffield, UK) Hegel on individuation

15:45 Tea

16:15 Massimiliano Carrara (Università di Padova, IT) Is “counting” counting by identity?

17:30 Close

Wednesday 7 September

09:00 Meet and Greet

09:15 Anna Marmodoro (Durham & Oxford, UK) Parts and Number

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Thomas Sattig (University of Tübingen, Germany) Counting and Grounding

12:15 Lunch

13:45 John Pemberton (LSE, Oxford & Durham, UK) Acting, existence, indeterminism

15:00 Tea

15:30 Johanna Seibt (Aarhus University, Denmark) Why ‘one’ and ‘the same’ is not one and the same

16:45 Close

Invited chairpersons

Andrea Bottani (Università di Bergamo)
Giorgio Lando (Università degli Studi dell’Aquila)
Francesco Orilia ​(Università di Macerata)
Sara Papic (Università degli Studi di Milano, IT)
Giuliano Torrengo (Università degli Studi di Milano, IT)

This conference will be open to all and will be held in person.
No advanced registration needed.
The venue is wheelchair accessible. We aim to conform to BPA/SWIP guidelines – please contact the organisers if you would like any further information.

Conference organisers: Anna Marmodoro, Elisa Paganini and John Pemberton – with the assistance of Sara Papic

Contact email:


Check the Provisional schedule on the 'program' page.

The interactive Provisional program and the thematic sections agenda will be available soon.

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