Gramsci Exhibition

Gramsci’s prison notebooks. Documentary and multimedia exhibition.

Fondazione Gramsci
Rome, August 2-8, 2024

The Fondazione Gramsci is proposing a documentary and multimedia exhibition in the Rectorate’s Palace of Sapienza University of Rome entitled Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks. The project will include thirty-three notebooks written by Gramsci in prison between 1929 and 1935. In addition to the manuscripts there will be a selection of the journals and books kept in his book heritage.

The exhibition will offer visitors the opportunity to see the Notebooks and some books that belonged to Gramsci and will give them the chance to flip through and enlarge the pages of the manuscripts through touch screens.

Visitors can admire Gramsci’s unique handwriting, which, although minute, is easy to read thanks to its regularity and the absence of signs of overthinking; they can compare the first draft notes – crossed out by the author, but always legible – with those copied and reworked in the “special” notebooks in which certain topics are treated extensively: such as the thought of Niccolò Machiavelli, the philosophy of Benedetto Croce, the philosophy of praxis, the history and function of Italian intellectuals, and the thought of Karl Marx and his interpreters.

The touch screens will also show pictures of the volumes with the various prison markings (matriculation number, stamps, authorizations, etc.), accompanied by short judgments by Gramsci from the Notebooks and Letters from Prison.

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