Round Tables

The Organizing Committee invites proposals for round tables on specific topics.

Round tables would usually last 2 hours. They should include speakers from at least three different countries and are subject to the approval of the Steering Committee of FISP.

Participation in more than one Round table as well as multiple submissions are allowed. Submissions of overlapping panels are nonetheless discouraged.

To submit a proposal for a round table, please send a brief description to Professor Jacob Rendtorff ( and Dr. Flavia Palmieri ( using the official form. It will be asked to indicate a title, a tentative list of panelists, and a brief description of the panel.

Once your proposal has been approved, you will be kindly asked to submit it through the online platform

The following Round tables have been approved (regularly updated):
The Emplaced Self Laura Candiotto (Czech Rep.)
Origin is the goal Anthropogenesis and the Crisis of Neolithic Civilization Cuomo Vincenzo (Italy)
Hermeneutics and Memory: Why there is no future without a past Busacchi Vinicio (Italy)
PHILOSOPHY OF MUSIC AND THE PERFORMING ARTS: Ontology, Improvisation, Expressiveness, Interpretation. Lisa Giombini (Italy)
The Trascendental and its Metamorphoses: a Mimesis Publisher book series. Gaetano Rametta (Italy)
'Sol libertà può farci forti, sagaci e lieti'. Germana Ernst e la filosofia del Rinascimento Antonella Del Prete (Italy)
Tradiciones aristotélicas en la clasificación de los animales de América (principado novohispano, siglo XVI) Virginia Aspe Armella (Messico)
Philosophy of emotions: Shared Human Sensibility Laura Candiotto (Czech Rep.)
The Universality and Specificity of Hanese* Philosophy Shuifa Han (China)
Philosophical Perspectivism. Current status and applications Margarita Vazquez (Spain)
Aesthetics of Thought: a transdisciplinary perspective on philosophy from the Caribbean Dialitza Colón-Pérez (Puerto Rico)
Bad persons: if only moral virtue was built from its antipodes Ricardo Gutiérrez Aguilar (Spain)
International Round Table on Contributions of Chinese Philosophy to World Philosophy Ann Pang-White (USA)
Women in Legal Philosophy - Perspectives on Legitimacy and Justice Giulia Battistoni (Italy)
Philosophy Across Boundaries – A Mexican Experience Fanny del Rio (Mexico)
Hegel und die Herausforderungen unserer Zeit - Facing the challenges of our time with Hegel Francesca Iannelli (Italy)
Social Religious Epistemology John Greco (USA)
Seneca in Seven Words Francesca Romana Berno (Italy)
Philosophy and Contemporary Art. Values, technologies, innovations Elisa Caldarola (Italy)
Progressive Confucianism Ann Pang-White (USA)
Epistemic injustice within and across borders: mathematics and philosophy Brendan Larvor (United Kingdom)
Filosofía andina en el contexto global Hirotaka Nakano (Japan)
Charles S. Peirce. People, Problems and Scientific Disciplines in his Time and Beyond Elize Bisanz (USA)
Late Medieval Voluntarism Monika Michałowska (Poland)
Cross-Cultural Conceptions of 'Self' and Persistence for Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion Nathan Loewen (USA)
Eleatism: redefining the boundaries of a Historiographical Category Massimo Pulpito (Italy)
Roundtable on European Perspectives on Teaching Chinese Philosophy Geir Sigurðsson (Iceland)
Wissenschaft der Freyheit – Heidelberger Hegel-Nachschriften von F. W. Carové Klaus Vieweg (Germany)
The Vienna Circle at 100: The Legacy of Logical Empiricism Ernie Lepore (USA)
Naturalizing Phenomenology: New Perspectives Alberto Peruzzi (Italy)
Perception, Action and Cognition at the interface Alberto Peruzzi (Italy)
Knowledge and Mathematics in Kant Alberto Peruzzi (Italy)
Humanoid Robots as inter-religious dialogue partners: Across Lessing’s ditch? Abrahim H. Khan (Canada)
Kierkegaard  on and across boundaries: existential, politico-social, cultural, and civilizational Abrahim H. Khan (Canada)
The Hegelian constellations of the feminine: a chance for an inclusive Bildung Francesca Iannelli (Italy)
Aesthetic theory and/in Translation practice: Challenges, intentions, outcomes of the international network Hegel Art Net Francesca Iannelli (Italy)
The Varieties of Justified Belief Miguel Ángel Fernández-Vargas (Mexico)
Outside identity. The feminine in philosophy, science, art and life Zoe Hurley (UAE)
Transforming philosophical canons Riccardo Chiaradonna (Italy)
Southeast Asian Philosophy in the Second Quarter of the 21st Century Soraj Hongladarom (Thailand)
Round Table 'Translating Philosophy: The Jewish and Arabic Roots of “Western” Thought' Giovanni Licata (Italy)
The Moral Epistemology of the Wartime Quartet: Anscombe, Foot, Midgley and Murdoch Cathy Mason (Austria)
Philosophy and the Comic: A New Field Lydia Amir (USA)
Transformative Philosophy Lydia Amir (USA)
The Human Condition: Rekindling the Philosophic Dialogue Lydia Amir (USA)
Nietzsche and the Crisis of the Anthropocene Yunus Tuncel (USA)
Revering the Sacred Creation – Spiritual Ecology and the Akṣara-Puruṣottama Darśana Mahāmahopādhyāya Bhadreshdas Swami (India)
Nietzsche and Music Aysegul Durakoglu (USA)
Posthuman Studies Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (Italy)
Revisiting Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem Yu LI (France)
Enactive Aesthetics Carlos Vara Sánchez (Spain)
Russian Philosophy of Art: Romanticism, Leo Tolstoy, and Philosophy of the Icon Vladimir Marchenkov (USA)